MerchantWords Review: Grow Your Amazon Business Using Keyword Data

merchant words

Different tools help sellers get a competitive edge over their competitors. So, how can one find products that customers need?

MerchantWords comes in handy in providing this service. It has many features that sellers will find useful, and we’ll be reviewing them in this post.

What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords helps Amazon sellers rank higher on search results using keyword data. The goal is to connect with shoppers, discover product opportunities, optimize listings, and increase profitability from ads. Founded in 2012, it all but lets sellers get into the heads of shoppers by collecting keywords that’ll help them grow their business.

For a diverse marketplace with millions of products, you should consider MerchantWords if you want to stand out. It is available in 11 Amazon marketplaces, and there’s 24/7 customer support to resolve any issue you may have.

MerchantWords Pricing

The tool has three packages:

  • Silver : The silver plan costs $29 monthly, but you’ll get MerchantWords free for two months if you rather subscribe to its annual plan, which costs $290. In the Silver subscription plan, you’ll have all the features except ASIN plus, Keyword multiplier, multiple users, and Digital Shelf Dashboard.
  • Gold: Here, the monthly plan costs $79 per month and $790 for a year. In the gold subscription plan, only multiple users and Digital Shelf Dashboard are unavailable. 
  • Platinum: The Platinum plan costs $149 monthly and $1490 annually (you get a MerchantWords discount of two free months). The Digital Shelf Dashboard isn’t available on this plan yet. But it is in the works.

MerchantWords Services

The services cover over 400 million products and more than 1.6 billion keywords. The ones we’ll be going through are:

1. Listing Advisor

First, it is important to note that this service is not available in all parts of the world; only in select countries. That said, it will provide you with data-driven listings that will up your sales and exposure on Amazon. The Listing Advisor costs $300, but you can get a discount when you make ten or more orders. MerchantWords takes ten business days to write a listing, and updates will be emailed to you while you wait.

2. Collections

This feature allows you to create and diversify lists based on queries. If you hit a brick wall when thinking of a name to give one of your future products, then do not fret. You’ll get variations just below your main keyword results to help you out. Each variation has stats like depth, popularity, and search volume so you can know the best one to pick.

3. Classic Search

In classic searches, you can enter any keyword you want. Once the results pop up, you’ll get to see its relevant alternatives. By classic searching a keyword, you can generate keyword ideas for products, especially if you get unique suggestions.

4. Keyword Multiplier

This MerchantWords service is similar to a Thesaurus. It allows users to get synonyms to the keyword used in only a few minutes. All you have to do is input the keyword and wait for synonyms to pop up on the result page. If you want a unique name for your product that shoppers will always search for, then this service would perhaps be the one you’ll use more often.

5. Page 1 Products

Page 1 product search is a time saver if you know how to use it. All it does is to bring page 1 products for any keyword you enter. If yours isn’t on that page, then you’ll need to work harder to get it there. The first page is usually the only page shoppers go through before picking a product.

Moreover, from Page 1 Product results, you’ll know the keywords that your competitors are using to outshine you, as well as their product ratings, reviews, and pricing. As competitor analysis is essential, this MerchantWords service is one you might have to use a lot.

6. ASIN Plus

Finally, we’ve got ASIN plus. By entering a product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), you’ll see the data on page one listings. The product’s total reviews, bestseller status, total product results, search rank, star rating, and Amazon Choice status all pop-up. Such information gives information on alternate uses of products and customer base: all you need to have the upper hand.

Final Thoughts

Amazon has a lot of sellers, which can only imply one thing: each one of them has to find a way to stand out. MerchantWords is the safe ground for many of such users, and that’s no surprise. We hope this MerchantWords review has been helpful to you.


Q1: Is my info safe?

The safety of one’s information is always a concern, especially as MerchantWords says that they are stored in a system. Right from its inception in 2012, MerchantWords has assured all Amazon users that their information will remain safe. The company also guarantees that you’ll always be in control of your Seller Central account and business.

Q2: Is MerchantWords Reliable?

MerchantWords is one of the starter companies in its industry, and it claims to have collected the most keywords from Amazon’s search bar. With almost a decade of experience and continuous improvements in the processes, it’s safe to say that MerchantWords provides reliable and accurate information and discounts for long-term subscribers.

Hopefully, MerchantWords maintains that standard, especially as it isn’t completely free .