Amazon is currently the biggest retail site in the world. To stand out from this competition, you need to get the right software tools, and this might just be what Jungle Scout offers. The reason for this is mainly due to a vast array of products on the platform. Amazon offers its users the platform to sell and buy a diverse range of products around the world. This creates a high amount of competition, especially for book sellers on Amazon. Let your book sales grow with IO Scout Amazon seller tools. Here is the IO Scout guide on how to sell books on Amazon and make money overtaking competitors. IO Scout is a great alternative to Jungle Scout.

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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an app for Amazon sellers that offers a wide range of functions to help get the best outcomes for your Amazon business. The Jungle Scout web app offers a long list of functions, from product research to product tracking and monitoring, supplier database, keyword scouting, sales analytics, inventory management, and a lot of other amazing features.


Jungle Scout for Amazon sellers come in three major packages:

·      The Jungle Scout Extension- This package allows sellers to use the Jungle Scout extension feature on their browser. It comes at $19 per month and is charged annually at $228

·      Jungle Scout- This package offers access to only the web app, and it comes at $39 per month and is charged annually at $468.

·      Jungle Scout and Extension- With this package, Amazon sellers get access to the Jungle Scout web app and the browser extension feature. The package costs $49 monthly and is billed at $588 monthly.

IO Scout is less pricey than JS.

Jungle Scout Web App Features

Jungle Scout offers Amazon sellers a lot of amazing features; from the Jungle Scout sales estimator to the Jungle Scout product tracker feature, you are sure to get all the tools you need to take your Amazon business to the next level. Some specific features of the Jungle Scout Web App include;

1.     Product Research

Jungle Scout allows you to gain insights into the performance of a product. This can help you make decisions on the products to sell and the ones that might not offer as much potential.

2.     Product Tracking and Monitoring

Also, with the Jungle Scout software, you can monitor price changes and sales data on the products you sell. This helps provide the information you need to make some vital business decisions.

3.     Supplier Database

The Jungle Scout App can also be used to source and validate suppliers for your product.

4.     Inventory Management

Another fantastic feature of the Jungle Scout software for Amazon sellers is that it helps you effectively manage your inventory. So, you can easily keep tabs of your stock from one point. This way, you know when to make new orders and can avoid going out of stock.

5.     Keyword Scouting

Also, considering the importance of keywords in sales optimization, the Jungle Scout offers you the chance to look for the dominant keywords in buyer searches. Using these keywords would help improve how well users see your products.

6.     FBA Training

As a seller, you can also get access to premium training and tips using the Amazon FBA program. This feature is another one of the fantastic features of Jungle Scout, especially for new sellers on Amazon who might be new to the FBA plan.

7.     Sales Analytics

With the Jungle Scout sales analytics feature, you can also track your sales performance. This feature makes it easy to monitor the profit made from sales on Amazon.

8.     Email Automations and Promotions

The Jungle Scout web app also allows you to automate emails on promotions and any other special offers you might be having.

Apart from all these features, you can also get the latest update of trends on Amazon on Jungle Scout. All these features make it a must-have software for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Also, considering that it might not always be easy to shuffle between the Jungle Scout Web app and the Amazon Website, the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension offers a solution to this. With the extension, you can access the functions on Jungle Scout even while on the product page you’re interested in.

The Chrome extension shows you opportunity scores and other information that can help seek out products that have amazing potential. So, if you’re new on Amazon or you’re looking to explore new products, then the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is highly recommended for you.

Overall, Jungle Scout is an amazing software for Amazon Sellers. The app offers all the basic features required to run a successful Amazon business and even more from one point. This makes managing your Amazon seller account much easier.